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Hypnotic Phone Sex

You may know hypnosis phone sex by many names.....

Erotic Hypnosis, Sexual Hypnosis, Sensual Hypnosis, Hypnotic Phone Sex,
Mind Control, Phone Hypnosis, Mind Manipulation, Sorcery, Entrancing,
Femdom Hypnosis, Hypnotic Mind Control, Mesmerization, Hypnosex, Mesmerizing Phone Sex, Enchanting Erotic Hypnosis, Femdom Hypno-Sex, Hypno-Domination, Domination by Hypnosis, Hypno Fetish, Spellbinding, Brain Slavery, Deep Sleeping, Black Magic, Trancing, Brainwashing, Bewitching.....

Or what we choose to call it - HYPNOTIC SEDUCTIONS.

Call it what you will, but whatever the name, the result is the same -
Putting you in a susceptible hypnotic state in order to control your
subconscious mind for the purpose of heightening your senses,
releasing your inhibitions, and controlling your thoughts.
It is when you are in this state that we are able to discover your most
secret desires in order to bring your erotic fantasies to life.

Not all hypnosis phone sex operators who claim to do sexual hypnosis phone sex, are qualified to do so.
Our hypnosis phone sex Dommes are trained and Certified Hypnotist who will put you in touch with hidden desires of which you may not even have been aware.
Let us lead your mind places you never thought you could go
and help you achieve an explosive orgasm you won't soon forget.
You will relinquish your body and mind to be owned and controlled by us.
Are you ready to begin your erotic hypnosis phone sex journey?


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